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iPad HD May Have Exciting New Feel Screen Technology

Amidst the inescapable influx of iPad predictions and rumors we have been attempting to dodge, there is one specific report that we could not help but see. It is suggesting that Apple may be including an up and coming tactile technology in the 3rd generation iPad display. The report is a bit shocking, unexpected and certainly captivating!

Apparently there were hints made by Senseg, a touchscreen interface solutions developer, during last week’s yearly Mobile World Congress trade-show that a brand new and ground-breaking technology may be used by Apple. The computer, tablet and cell phone giant is contemplating using this touchscreen technology in the iPad HD, also known as the iPad 3.

The new and exciting technology would allow the makers of touchscreen devices to modify the way the screen feels, coinciding with whatever graphics are being looked at by the user. What this means is that a user will not only be able to see the graphics, such as rocks for example, but will also be able to feel the rough surface on the screen! In the same way pictures of silk could have a soft feel.

Essentially this would transform “touchscreens” and turn them into “feelscreens.”  This was purported on the company’s official website. The best part is that this technology can be utilized on any device that has a touchscreen. The possibilities are almost endless and we cannot wait to get our hands on one of these “feelscreen” devices!

With the new touchscreen technology, devices will almost seem to come to life as users can feel contours, textures and edges. Thanks to this innovative technology brought to us by Senseg, creators of smart phones, tablets or any other touchscreen device can offer users the ability to feel tactile sensations, enabling them to feel the transformation at their fingertips.

When the question as to whether or not this rumor was true was presented to a spokesperson for Senseg, the reply was basically that no statements will be made until Apple’s makes it’s official announcement.  While the people at Pocket-lint are tending to take that answer in addition to other clues to mean the wonderful new technology may be seen in the third generation Apple tablet, there is nothing concrete yet to suggest it is 100% true.

Apple will disclose details about its third generation iPad during a press conference to be held today at 11:00 AM Pacific, 1:00 PM Eastern time. Until we get the iPad HD in our hands we will not know for sure how great this new technology is but one thing is for sure. Apple is making advances to their touchscreen products every day. It seems with each product they release we are simply blown away with what they can do.

We ordinary people cannot even comprehend the idea of being able to feel graphics come alive in our hands. The hope is that we will not have to imagine it for long! If Apple takes this step and introduces this technology to their products, we are certain it will not be long before other touchscreen companies follow suit. Who knows? There may come a time in the very near future when the ability to smell what we are looking at will emerge.

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